Retaining Children in Clinical Trials through the Power of Patches!

A staggering 30% of participants will eventually drop out of clinical trials

leaving sponsors, patients and their families at a loss. This becomes more relevant when it comes to pediatric studies due to the age of the participant population and the involvement of parents.

Retention Patch Program

Join the Retention Patch Program, a global partnership forged between Innovative Trials and the non-profit Oliver Patch Project. This initiative is designed to propel the retention rate in pediatric studies.

Research sites worldwide will receive boxes including a set of different retention patches

Children will receive 1 Welcome Patch at enrollment

Enrolled children will receive a further patch for every study visit/milestone they complete

Why Patches?

A Global Community for Kids

The ingenious use of patches is a tangible and symbolic representation of unity within a global community of children sharing a common cause.


The significance of the Welcome Patch lies in its power to validate and recognize the efforts and valor of children participating in clinical trials.


A patch goes beyond being a mere symbol; it serves as a source of empowerment.

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