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Recruitment & Retention
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Are you Ready to Boost Patient Retention in your Clinical Trials?

Increased Retention Rate

Seeking to Foster Patients’ Engagement Throughout their Clinical Trial Journey?

Increased Patient & Caregivers Engagement

Frustrated with prescreening digital referrals?

Increased Screening Rate

Did you know that around 30% of clinical trial participants drop out due to inadequate support?

The Navigator Service is here to change that. With the Navigator Service, you can now provide patients and caregivers with personalized VIP support, guiding them through every step of their clinical trial journey. Each patient and caregiver gains access to a dedicated Patient Navigator for all study-related inquiries. What’s more, our Patient Navigators can conduct a secondary prescreening on behalf of the study sites.

  • Available Globally
  • Multilingual Support
  • Patient Navigators Are Able to Initiate Contact with Patients & Caregivers

  • Communication Can Also Be Initiated by Patients & Caregivers

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When the Navigator Service can help you the most:

  • Studies with Low Retention Rates
  • Complex & Innovative Study Designs
  • Decentralized Trials (DCTs)
  • Studies with High Referral Volume – Ensuring Only Top-Quality Referrals Reach Study Sites

What Are the Benefits
for You?

  • Increased Retention Rate
  • Enhanced Engagement of Patients & Caregivers
  • Boosted Screening Rates
  • Reduce Site Burden

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